Power Safer Roads for Smarter Cities

Power Safer Roads for Smarter Cities

Power Safer Roads for Smarter Cities


A Multidisciplinary Team at UCF Dedicated to Vision Zero and Smarter Cities.

  • Real-time safety analysis
  • Proactive traffic management
  • Big data analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Microsimulation
  • Connected and automated vehicles

Real-time Prediction

A platform for crash visualization powered by our real-time crash prediction algorithm.

Deep Analytics

A hybrid framework for a variety of data sources and advanced modeling techniques.

High-level Technical Merit

Provide transportation solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and have compatibility to integrate with cutting-edge technologies.

User Friendly

Interactive interface, secure cloud-based platform enables you to interact, customize and visualize data.


Easy maintenance. Continuous monitoring and data analysis to reduce the requirements for transportation safety management.


Customized solutions. Support most of the common configuration devices and be able to handle various data types.

A Platform for Everyone


Help operators be aware of upcoming crash risk to make appropriate control decisions.

Decision makers/Influencers

Help decision makers and influencers to make reasonable transportation plans and roadway design.


Help public to understand traffic safety conditions in their area.

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